Ben & Jen: Big Divorce, Possible Spousal Support

Ben and Jen this week provide a good example of how time can be important. Passing the 10-year mark – which the couple did on Monday – can change how California judges award spousal support. And, the same approach to divorce and spousal support can hold true in other states as well.  Now, in their […]

boating is an activity enjoyed by many

Had a Boating Accident? Report It!

Washington Law requires a boat operator or owner to do a Boating Accident Report when: There is damage of over $500;  A person is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first aid;  There is loss of life; or  There is a disappearance of a person who was recreationally boating. Boating Accident Report forms are available from the Seattle […]

Parenting Evaluators: A Tool for Courts

Going through a divorce is stressful for everyone.  When children are involved, divorce or separation can get even more challenging.  After all, it’s easy to “split” property or assets.  Things get complicated when young lives are involved.  In the end, we trust our judges to make sure that the “right” decision is made with regard to […]

Draeger Breath Test Presence Imminent, Impact TBD

In November the Washington State Patrol unveiled the Draeger Alcotest 9510 breath test machine. The Patrol received legislative approval in 2010 to switch to these machines, and has been working hard to make sure that the new instruments would fit into our state’s DUI program. The Patrol believes the instruments are ready to win the confidence of […]

Adoption Opportunities for Same Sex Couples in Washington

Joint adoption laws permit same-sex couples to adopt a child together. By doing this, both prospective parents become a child’s legal parents. According to the Family Equality Council, adoption non-discrimination laws protect LGBT parents from discrimination by adoption agencies. Currently, 35 states and D.C. allow LGBT parents to petition for joint adoption including Oregon, Washington, […]

Washington law on Parenting Plans

Oftentimes when parents separate, they do not agree on parenting and child visitation issues.  Both parents may want primary custody.  Or, one parent may want weekend visitations while the other parent wants a 50/50 split time arrangement.  One parent may travel for work, causing them to want a non-traditional arrangement with regard to custody time and […]

What is Assault and What Should You Do if Facing an Assault Charge?

Were you involved in an altercation in the Seattle area where it escalated and police got involved? Being charged with an assault in Washington is a big deal. There are potential serious consequences, including penalties like jail time and probation. Seattle’s Miller Law Group LLC is here to help. So, what is assault?  Assault is […]

Third Party Custody: How to be Parent while not a Parent

Third party custody is governed by a statute called Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 26.10. This statute used to be referred to as the “grandparent custody act”. It also permits aunts, uncles and other interested third parties to obtain custody of a child. Normally third parties seek custody where either both parents are unfit or […]

Getting Divorced with child custody at issue?

Divorce is bad.  When parents decide to separate and they have children, it can get ugly.  The issue of child custody and visitation is one the court must make a decision on. The days where a mother automatically gets custody are no longer. The court looks at the best interest of the child/children. Sometimes the […]

Interested in Adoption in Washington State?

This reference is filled with lots of information about adoption in Washington State. This 16 Page Booklet is provided by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), and answers a lot of basic questions on the topic of adoption. See more at: